The Gig in the Sky Festival - Aug. 19 - 22, 2010

Here's just a few things we are doing to keep things earth friendly, so we can keep it real ;))

Paper Chaser Productions strives to be as environmentally conscious as we can- your help...HELPS<3

We can reduce our waste by avoiding  plastic bottles for water or soda- and every time we do use a plastic we can reuse it ourselves and refill it with free water or be sure to place it in the plastic recycling receptacle. 

Sorting our waste into appropriate bins is the easiest way to do our part in recycling- we do not allow glass bottles onto festival grounds-that being said,  there will be a bin for glass, plastics, papers, and compost 

Recycling stations are located around the grounds to help keep the grounds clear for moving and grooving ;)

Many of the artists are local or touring in the area during the time of the festival, reducing the carbon footprint from traveling distance- yay!

Carpooling!! and using alternative and less polluting energy sources - (check our forum for carpooling)