The Gig in the Sky Festival - Aug. 19 - 22, 2010

Please bring non perishable food for the Strangers Helping Strangers Food Drive !!!! Everything helps :))

The origins of Strangers Helping Strangers (SHS) dates back to late 1997, when fans of the Burlington, VT band Strangefolk saw an opportunity to help those less fortunate by collecting non-perishable food at various Strangefolk concerts throughout the Northeast and donating it to food banks and charities in the cities and towns Strangefolk played.  The first official food drive was held in 1998.

Today, SHS boasts a large volunteer who help the organization in multiple ways.  All of these volunteers dedicate their time and energy to this cause, and SHS is forever grateful to all of those who have helped  - past, present and future!!  Leading SHS has been Kat Harless & Tina Campbell (co-directors) from Fall 1997 to September 2000; Tina Campbell from September 2000 to December 2001; Marc Drouin from December 2001 to September 2003; and Donald Pearson from September 2003 to the present.

SHS has won many awards including the 1st Jammy Award for Community Service... 

The Primary Goal of Strangers Helping Strangers is to provide a resource for the fans, bands and venues in the music community to facilitate their charitable aims by providing organization, support and resources to care for those less fortunate and in need within the community by running food drives at concerts and festivals and then delivering the donations to local food banks, pantries and shelters near the venue at which it was collected